About Jammu Genocide Independent Collective: An independent collective dedicated to preserving the legacy of Jammu Genocide

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The Jammu Genocide Collective is an independent collective dedicated to the study, research, awareness and remembrance of the Jammu genocide that happened in 1947.

One of the main objectives of Jammu Genocide collective is to highlight the events that occurred in 1947 under the Dogra state in J&K. The events that occurred in Jammu in 1947 were a genocide as it gains its conceptual horror precisely because of the exterminated nature of the Holocaust. Hitler wanted the Jews exterminated, wiped out from existence, not just driven out. The same is the case in the Jammu Genocide, the Dogra ruler Hari Singh wanted the Muslims of Jammu exterminated, he saw it to be the final solution of his political will.

Large scale crimes which involve the ethnic cleansing and killing of a certain group of people cannot be forgotten. Such events should be acknowledged and accepted by the world, there is a need to talk about these events so we can learn from them and recognize the need to do everything in our power to prevent such horrific events from ever occurring again. We also cannot ignore the reality of certain elements that still exist today in the region of south Asia and particularly within India's geo-political boundaries.

Genocide Awareness

Production of Educational Material

Promotion of Research

Collection of documentation, testimonies and stories

The goals are to collect documents, data and information regarding the Jammu Genocide. To promote awareness of the Genocide along with telling the stories of the victims. To produce research publications, educational material and carrying forward the legacy of the Jammu Genocide. Some long term goals also include recognition of the genocide by different state parliamentary bodies and Human Rights Organizations.

Jammu Genocide Collective is an independent initiative, no organization, government or institution supports this initiative. This initiative was started by a group individuals with the aim to raise awareness of the genocide internationally with focus in South Asia.

Jammu Genocide Collective is a small side project to raise awareness on social media. The Jammu Genocide Collective is entirely self-funded.