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Memory Lane to Jammu

by Rehmatullah Rad & Khalid Hassan

Book dedicated to the memory of the people of Jammu who perished in 1947 and those who survived that holocaust but are now gone. Heart breaking tales of survivors who lived through the genocide and kept the memory of its alive.

Refugees and the End of Empire: Imperial Collapse and Forced Migration in the Twentieth Century.

Published by Palgrave Macmillan UK, Editors P. Panayi, P. Virdee

Part III The Consequences and Legacies of British Imperial Collapse, Chapter 9 Escape from violence: The 1947 Partition of India and the Migration of Kashmiri Muslim Refugees. Ilyas Chattha Pages 196-218

Untold Story of the People of Azad Kashmir

by Christopher Snedden

Christopher Snedden is an Australian political scientist, politico-strategic analyst, academic researcher and author. He is best-known for his research and publications on the long-running Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan. In his book, Snedden also goes into details of the Jammu massacres and digs into the official reportings of the mass killing of Muslims in Jammu by the Dogra ruler.

Kashmiris fight for freedom Vol I & II

by Muhammad Yusuf Saraf

One of the most extensive documentation available on Jammu & Kashmir. Saraf a Kashmiri author goes into detials of each massacre commited in Jammu. Fist hand eye witness testimonies along with official statements of the events that conspired all over Jammu & Kashmir in 1947.

Being the Other: The Muslim in India

by Saeed Naqvi

Partly a memoir and partly an exploration of the various deliberate and inadvertent acts that have contributed to the othering of the 180 million Muslims in India.

Kashmir:: The Unwritten History

by Christopher Snedden

A radical new look at the largely forgotten four million people of Azad Kashmir, and separated by a Line of Control from Indian territory.

Kashmir Conflict And Muslims Of Jammu

by Zafar Choudhary

A detailed account of what role the Muslims of Jammu played in 1947, Choudhary also exaimes the present status of Jammu Muslims.

Corpses of Moslem Leaders

Russell King Haight

First War Pictures Out of Kashmir. Mirpur, Jammu: The corpses are those of the Moslem leaders of the town. Taken hostage by the Dogra Hindus, they had been tied up, stabbed, shot and hacked when Haight had started his offensive. They had been dead two days by the time Haight's men reached the scene.

Elimination of Muslims from Jammu

The Times Aug. 10 1948

News article published by The Times about the ill fate of the people of Jammu and how they were eliminated from Jammu by the Dogra ruler.

Hindu Raid: 500 killed

Andrew Meller

News article published by Daily Herald on Nov 11, 1947, mentions the massacre of Refugee Muslims while being forced out of Jammu by Hari Singh.

Truth | Gallio in Kashmir

Patrick Lacey

News article published by Daily Herald on Nov 11, 1947, mentions the massacre of Refugee Muslims while being forced out of Jammu by Hari Singh.

Leicester Evening Mail

Friday, October 31 1947

"More than 17,000 Moslem corpses were counied recently near a village in West Punjab. Raiders from Jammu in that province left behind military vehicles and dead bodies of soldiers in uniform."

The Criminal Acts Perpetrated during Jammu Massacre, 1947: An International Law Perspective

Adnan Rahman, Amar Jahangir, Syed Mudasser Fida Gardazi

The study suggests few viable and effective legal redressals under international law to the victims of the Jammu Massacre, including refugees and the living generations of the killed persons. The work is somehow useful and relevant for future studies around the multifarious nature and aspects of the criminal acts similar to the acts of Perpetrators involved in the Jammu Genocide.